The Spill on the Salt Spa

Founder Angela's Clark's story about her first time in a salt cave and how it lead her to open InSpirit Salt Spa in Knoxville, TN.

Angela Clark

I was on vacation with my best friend when I scheduled my first reservation at a salt cave.

I suffered from allergies my whole life, and I heard that pink Himalayan salt provided relief. That was my sole purpose for going, but I walked out understanding much more.

Maybe like you, I was stressed from life and my pesky allergies didn't help. You don't have to twist my arm to go anywhere with spa in the title, but still I never would have expected to experience what I experienced. The room was quiet, beautifully lit, and cool. My friend and I took a seat in plush reclining chairs. We had access to blankets in case we felt chilly. When I sunk into the seat, I looked around at the beautifully lit pink room and took a breathe. Ah, I was going to like this.

When the doors closed, the generators turned on and diffused pink Himalayan salt infused oxygen throughout the room. I took some deep breaths, and my body felt an instant calm. My friend was meditating, but meditating has never been my forte. My sinuses popped. I could breathe in more of the purifying air.

This is what I need. I feel at ease. My allergies are at bay. I am relaxed. It has only been two minutes.

I startled my friend, "Hey, I have to open my own salt spa. Salt spas are for everyone."

"Let's discuss this after our session is over," she said.

I couldn't blame her. Salt spas are about bliss. They are about reconnecting with a calmer, healthier, less stressed, oxygenated version of yourself.

InSpirit Salt Spa is dedicated to your health and well-being. We are proponents of "you" time, of relief, and of happiness. We invite you to try one restorative session. After all, one session is all it took for us to understand the change we needed to make.